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Audrey Diehl at Birth
Audrey Diehl at Birth
Audrey Diehl Now
Audrey Diehl Now
Our Mission...
is to reduce premature birth
and advocate for infants born
prematurely and their families.
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Thriving and Happy Audrey Today
Thriving and Happy Audrey

  Audrey Diehl was brought into this world earlier than expected on March 22, at 9:49 am (I was due July 5). I was received with tons of love and open arms.

  My mom Crystal developed Pre-eclampsia and was admitted on Tuesday, March 16 with high blood pressure and high protein levels.

  After some ups and downs throughout the week the Drs thought it was time for me to come into this world on the 22nd if I was going to have a chance. I was 12 ounces at birth and a little over 10 inches.

See Audrey's story here: http://youtu.be/3IkYm8ZMLg8 

2012 Minnesota Prematurity Coalition
Advocate for Infants Born Prematurely & Their Families

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